Real Wood Engineered Flooring

Engineered Wood Floors are generally undervalued as regards to Real Wood Flooring despite being the preferred Wood Floor of Architects and Floor Fitters.

The structure and nature of Engineered Wood Flooring are adaptable in demanding environments due to it’s multi-layered / ply structure and a top layer of real wood which is of a high grade of wood giving good wear of life with no compromise on quality as opposed to conventional Solid Wood Flooring.

The Engineered Wood flooring is the ideal Real Wood floor to be used with under-floor heating or in a Conservatory as it’s made of layers of quality birch and hevea softwood as a core which provides the stiffening and weight or a solid composite structure like HDF.

Maples& Birch and Kahrs engineered flooring is available in various thicknesses from 14mm thick with a selected 3mm top hardwood layer to 22mm with 6mm top hardwood layer, this top hardwood surface is sufficiently thick to take up to 5 or 7 sanding’s and information from all manufacturers claims that it is usually 10-12 years between sanding’s in a normal domestic conditions.

Engineered Wooden Floors for Supply Only

To buy engineered wooden flooring online we have partnered with top UK flooring supplier Maples and Birch to offer you a huge range of quality wood flooring. If you are looking to buy Engineered flooring for supply only we suggest using their website or the links below.